The Retreat Health & Beauty Salon

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Treatments and Services

Environ Facials

Icon Ultralift Non Surgical Face and Body Treatments



LED Light Therapy Facials

Jane Iredale Skincare Make Up

Facial Peels

Massage and Body Therapies


Eyelash Extensions


Eye Treatments and Threading

Hand and Foot Treatments

Holistic Therapies

Men's Grooming


Keycode :-

Any treatments showing the symbols below may not be suitable if you suffer from any of the conditions.  If you are unsure please contact us on 01935 479808 or [email protected]

(s) seafood/seaweed/iodine allergy/thyroid

(p) pregnancy/lactating

(d) diabetes

(e) epilepsy

(h) pacemaker/heart conditions

(m) metal plates/pins

(t) thrombosis

(sa) soya allergy

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