The Retreat Health & Beauty Salon

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Men's Grooming


Men's Treatments

Rejuvenating Back Cleanse - Perfect for back's prone to congestion and blemishes.  A deep exfoliation is achieved by using a sugar or salt based scrub, followed by a rebalancing mask.  The treatment is perfectly balanced out with a muscle soothing back massage.                                  45 mins     £33.00

 Hand Treatment £17.00
 Foot Treatment £17.00
 Back Wax                                                                                    from £22.50
 Chest Wax                                                                                  from £15.50
 Chest and Abdomen Wax                                                           from £22.50

 Please note that if you are under medical supervision/have a health concern  we may not be able to perform a treatment for you without clearance from your GP/Midwife.