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We have two waxing services available here at The Retreat.  You can choose from our regular waxing service or you can choose to have Epiloderm Wax.  All waxes used are suitable for the most sensitive of skins, however we also feel that a wax, shouldn't just be a wax.  We introduced Epiloderm April 2018.  Epiloderm is a 100% natural peelable hot wax, designed by a French Beauty Therapist.  Epiloderm leaves no sticky residue, is kind to the skin, causes less irritation and reduces the incidence of ingrowing hairs.  Epiloderm is not only a patented hair removal product but beauty care too.  

 For Pre and Post Treatment Advice please click here

Standard Wax

 Half Leg 30 mins £18.00
 Half Leg, Underarm or Bikini (Standard/Extended) 45 mins £25.00
 Half Leg, Underarm and Bikini (Standard/Extended) 60 mins £31.00
 Full Leg 45 mins £25.00 
 Full Leg, Underarm or Bikini (Standard/Extended) 60 mins £32.00
 Full Leg, Underarm and Bikini (Standard/Extended) 75 mins £36.00
 Bikini - Standard 15 mins £10.50
 Bikini - Extended 30 mins £13.50
 Bikini - Brazilian (for more information see below) 30 mins £22.50
 Bikini - Hollywood (for more information see below) 30 mins £22.50
 Underarms 15 mins £9.00
 Eyebrows 15 mins £9.00
 Lip or Chin 15 mins £9.00
 Lip and Chin 30 mins £16.00
 Lower Arm 30 mins £15.50
 Full Arm 30 mins £18.00
 Gents Back and Tops of Arms 30 mins £22.50
 Gents Chest 30 mins £15.50
 Gents Chest and Abdomen 30 mins £22.50

Epiloderm.  Hair Removal Beauty Care.

 Half Leg 30 mins £22.00
 Half Leg, Underarm or Bikini (Standard/Extended) 45 mins £29.00
 Half Leg, Underarm and Bikini (Standard/Extended) 60 mins £36.00
 Full Leg 45 mins £29.00
 Full Leg, Underarm or Bikini (Standard/Extended) 60 mins £36.00
 Full Leg, Underarm and Bikini (Standard/Extended) 75 mins £40.00
 Bikini - Standard 15 mins £12.50
 Bikini - Extended 30 mins £16.00
 Bikini - Brazilian (for more information see below) 30 mins £26.00
 Bikini - Hollywood (for more information see below) 30 mins £26.00
 Underarms 15 mins £11.00
 Eyebrows 15 mins £11.00
 Lip or Chin 15 mins £11.00
 Lip and Chin 30 mins £18.50
 Lower Arm 30 mins £18.50
 Full Arm 30 mins £22.00
 Gents Back and Tops of Arms 30 mins £26.00
 Gents Chest 30 mins £18.50
 Gents Chest and Abdomen 30 mins £26.00

 Female Intimate Waxing - Brazilian & Hollywood

Intimate waxing is just as it says.  Therefore we ensure that therapists attend specific Brazilian and Hollywood training so they know exactly what they are doing so you can have complete confidence in their abilities.  It's a very delicate area and we take the treatment very seriously. 

Please be aware that you will be asked to remove all clothing from the waist down.  Underwear and 'modesty' towels get in the way so this treatment isn't for the faint hearted, however, you will be put at ease with lots of friendly chat, a qualified therapist and you will love the waxed result! 

Strict hygiene is adhered to with the therapist wearing gloves (please advise the therapist if you have a latex allergy so she can ensure she wears a non-latex variety) and a new disposable spatula used with each application of the wax on you.  Dependant on which waxing method you choose either a combination of both Strip and Hot wax is used  or purely Epiloderm Wax for this treatment.


Brazilian - Removal of hair between the buttock cheeks, inner and outer labia and the pubic mound leaving only a 'landing strip' on the pubic mound 
Standard Wax £22.50       Epiloderm £26.00

Hollywood - Removal as above except the pubic mound is completely bare.  
Standard Wax £22.50      Epiloderm £26.00

How to prepare:-

Ensure you have at least 3-4 weeks growth, anything less and you will not get the smooth result you want.  If we feel there isn't enough hair growth we reserve the right to not carry out the treatment.

If this is your first Intimate wax we advise that you trim the hair to approximately 1/4 - 1/2 inch.  We can do this for you however you will feel more comfortable if you do this yourself.  We advise nail scissors and a lot of care!! We don't recommend hair clippers!

Where possible please be freshly showered.  If you are arriving straight from work please say so and we will ensure you get the chance to freshen up.

The therapist will apply soothing lotion after your waxing, however we also recommend the use of aloe vera gel (we sell this in small handy tubes).  Wearing tight jeans after your treatment probably isn't a good idea, nor any scratchy underwear!

There is no such thing as pain free waxing but we will try to keep any discomfort to a minimum and once you start having Brazilian's or Hollywood's you'll find you want to keep on with them, so - dare to bare!!

Please note that if you are under medical supervision/have a health concern or are pregnant we may not be able to perform a treatment for you without clearance from your GP/Midwife.